Using Comma


Rule-1:  Use commas to separate three or more items in a series.   Place commas after each word in the series except the last.
1.     A ginger, a dancer, and a clown were in the movie. 
2.   Carol dressed quickly, grabbed an apple, and ran out of the      house.

 Rule-2:  Use a comma after introductory words such as yes, no, or well.
1.     Yes, I can hear you. 
2.     Well, you are wrong. 
3.     No, don’t say that.

Rule-3:  Use a comma when you use AND, BUT, or OR  to combine two sentences.  Put a comma before these words.
1.     Do you want some coffee, or want to go out for dinner first? 
2.   The birthday girl entered her office room, and we all shouted    “Happy Birthday!”
EXERCISE: (Put commas wherever necessary)
1.     No I don’t know his name.
2.    Robby ordered a cup of coffee some biscuits and a chocolate      cake.
3.    What do Angelina Jolie  Michelle Phiffer  and Cameron Diaz        have in common?
4.     Tim  Joy  Sue and Trisha went for a movie.
5.     Well you can come with us or you can go alone.

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