Tongue Twisters


Gallivanting gangsters gamboled garrulously in a garage.
Haggard hag haggled over hackneyed high jinks.
Incessant impresario insisted impudently for an increment.
Ecumenical elders elected effeminate emeritus.
Conscientious cop confronted confounded couple.
Ballistic barbarian banished bedraggled barber.
An amputated amphibian amused amorous actor.
Derelict dermatologist deposed derogatory despot.
What to do to die today at a minute or two to two.
Picky people pick peter pan peanut butter.
Peter pan peanut is the peanut picky people pick.
A rough–coated, dough–faced, thoughtful ploughman strode through the streets of scar borough.
Six sick sea-serpents swam the seven seas.
The king would sing about a ring that would go ding.
Don’t spring on the inner-spring this spring or there will be an off spring.
Mix, miss mix.
NATS NAPSACK’S straps snapped.
A short shoplifter stopped short of shifting his shoplifts.
Through the thoroughfare a teetotaler tested a therapeutic theology.
A thriller enjoys the thrills and spills of thrilling life.
Toothy tom tooted his tools with a toothpick.
A totalitarian tottered a tottering trolley.
A ramrod and a nimrod nominated a repugnant renegade.
Rudimentary rules rocketed a roly-poly Romanian.
Ruminating Russian rushed ruthlessly on a rugged roulette.
Sharpshooter Sean shot and sheared a sheep in sheer selfishness.
Single shingles shinbones shined.
Synthetic synopsis sympathetically syncopates.
A swindling swine swirled six swords to systematically swindle Swiss sailors.
Swarthy swami swash buckled swagging swains.
Susceptible surveillance surpassed surplus sour surrogate.
Volatile vine vats vacillated vainly in a vineyard.
Wishy witch vamoosed vintage washer violently.
Winsome victor won vile wasp via world war veteran.
Tacky tabloid tarnished a tainted trainer from transatlantic Tobago.
A neurotic neurosurgeon neutered a new knackers.
TANA TAN’S Tannery tans thirty-thousand tons of tawny tiles.
Cherry and sherry shared a cherry.
Convulsive co-correspondents copied a copy write copiously.
A dainty doctor dibbled and dabbled in a double-decker deck.
Daisy dazzled the Dutch deceptively in a deciduous delta.
Effeminate editor efficaciously egged on the egalitarian.
Emasculated emperor emphasized the embattled emissary to embark on an embargo.
Fifty fighting fit feuding feudal friends.
A flaccid flaxseed.
A real royal role for a loyal fellow is a role of a rover on the road.
A pratter prattled to a pratter plying pranks.
A sheep of one shear should be shorn shortly for the show.
A queer weird beer wily queries if you dare to say this quibble quickly.
William was willing to make his will in favor of Willy Winnie and will.
Ted said to ED to edit it.
A fiddler feeds a kid, a feed, a fibber tells a fib.
Severac external extensive territories are terribly and extraordinarily extended.
Christians cherish Christ in Christmas.
Chagrined chairman challenged the chambermaid for a championship.
Claustrophobic classroom was clammy and cliquish.
Robust rodeo roasted a rooster on a roof.
A paraplegic paratrooper perched a parrot on a parapet wall.
A miniscule mouse ministers miscellaneous missionaries.
A Methuselah in a metropolis meticulously manoeuvrered a mammoth machine.
Both’s bath bothered a bathing thunderstruck thug.
A transgender transmogrified and transfigured a translucent transistor.
Twain’s twelve turquoise turtle tussled in the twilight.
A typhoon twirled a tycoon in a turnstile.
Invidious invectives invigorate vulnerable inmates.
Innocuous innocent young girl insatiable, insane appetite.
I do not care a hoot or give a hoot about a hood.
A hoodlum hoodwinked a hooligan.
Grumpy guard grumbled grudgingly in a groggy ground.
A vowel vowed to vote volubly in Vatican.
Vanishing vascular varicose vein.
Welterweight whale wheedled white water whittle.
Maternal matron massacred martinet martyrs.
Lucid Lucy lowered a lower lover in a lovely lounge.
A spook spooked a kook and took his tacky tab loid.
Impenitent’s impervious nature is imponderably impermeable.
Explicit expletive expert exercised experimental express.
A destitute deserted deleterious dame.
Artificial artillery annihilated an attorney.
Generous general’s genealogy glistened garishly in a galaxy.
The institute’s insipid inspection insinuated insufferable imbecile.
The row of a rowdy roused a row of rodents.
A scrooge is on the scrounge for a soothe sonata.
Sphagetti topped cop totted spick-and-span spider.
Mr. monster’s mighty mouth munches mainly mushrooms.
Optimistic osburn ostracized occasionally on orders obtained from ousted ombudsman.
Viccainous-looking vandals wrangled over private Pentium processor.
Connelly stiff sought some socks to sock Sammy.
The drawer in the lower slower sanguine santella’s house sank slowly.
Constant conniption can’t carry caravan carcass.
The encore entre preneur en route indulged diligently in digital trash.
The governor governance gay Garry’s ghastly gas chamber.
Quiet quixotic coterie spun around the round campus quite very well.
Israel issued instantaneous insurance for the injured.
Opposing opulent opposition operators opted out of the option.
Miss epitome and Ms. Sesame resuscitated a Russian.
Sean and Jose crossed el Paso in Albuquerque.
Extreme egg examiner’s eccentricity escalated extremely.
Water vapor vaporized wafxer thin wallpapers.
The stakes in sweepstakes skated sweepingly.
Products and promotions are printed on the phony phone book.
Irreverent’s invariable invectives invited involuntary intruders.
The incantation of canon’s candid carols carried over the canyons.
Cryptic commissioner conspired clumsily in a cliquish cloakroom.
Bits and bobs of balloons barricaded a barren barrier.
Trilingual tribe’s tribunal tried two top-heavy, top-level, top-notched traitors.
Twenty-five tornados tossed thirty-two toads.
Tintinnabulation of tiny tinted tinkling tinsels.
Titivating tramps tooted and tip toed toward the town.
Tiny Tim’s tape worm taped around the table.
Ugly uncle unwittingly underwent ulterior ulcer treatment urgently.
A sheepish sheep slept seriously on a satin sofa.
Automatic auto mobiles were auctioned in Auckland’s attic.
A wrestler wrestled Russell in a rustic ring.
Optimistic optician opposed the opposition.
Withered wives want wizened whistle.
Thoughtful Thomas taught tortoise truthfully.
Peppy’s piddling parties pathetically part pointblank.
Everyday everyone everywhere earnestly earns.
Earth’s early eccentric ethnicity.
A fibber fibs fifty-five frivolous times.


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