Summer Safety Measures

How do we know ‘the summer season’ is here?  When the North Pole tilts towards the sun, we know that the summer is here.   Right now, it is slowly tilting and, as a result of this, the earth is taking a direct hit from the sun rays.  The heat steadily increases across various parts of the earth. 
What makes the sun so hot?  Our sun a roiling mass of Helium and Hydrogen; these two chemicals cause heat, and this heat travels to earth at millions of miles per second.  Even though the earth is 93 million miles away from the sun, the heat and light reaches the earth in a few minutes. 
This heat from the sun gives life on earth; without it, the earth will become a frozen mud ball, killing every form of life on it.   But, this heat can also destroy the earth and all the living things – including the humans – if we get too much of it. 

Everyone is at risk – young and old, especially the old.  People who are very old can die of extreme heat and cold.  That’s because old people usually have some form of disease like heart condition, skin condition, lung condition and various other debilitating diseases that rob them of their immune systems’ normal function, and as a result their body temperature goes out of balance — irregular.   Extreme heat can damage the vital organs of anyone, for this we have to curtail our activities – out door activities to a great extent.  During summer, heat-related infectious diseases and illness can take a toll on us.  Over exposure to sunlight can cause stroke, dehydration, exhaustion, cramps, cataract, headaches, epistaxis (bleeding of the nose), illnesses caused by mosquitoes and ticks.   

Use sunscreen lotions:  Ghee, sesame oil, coconut oil, and lotions from reputed companies can be used to protect our skin from the direct influence of the Ultra Violet rays from the sun.  

Drink plenty of liquid:  Water – boiled and cooled, fruit juices, buttermilk can keep dehydration at bay.  Avoid drinking coffee during summer. 

Don’t venture out in the sun:  Cut down all the activities from 11 am to 4 pm.  If you have any outdoor work, finish them before 11 am or do them in the evening, after the sun sets.  Try to stay in-doors as much as you can.  

Wear cotton clothes:  white or cream-colored cotton — not dark colors, are the best for summer wear.  Wearing woolen clothes and tight-fitting clothes will irritate your skin. 

Sleep (nap):  During summer, we get exhausted easily and, the best way to beat this exhaustion is to take nap. 

Avoid hot, spicy foods: Eating piping hot spicy foods not only can cause diarrhea but also spikes up the body temperature. 

Add extra salt: If you are a person who sweats a lot, you will be losing salts and minerals in your perspiration; take extra in your diet. 

Bathe twice:  To keep your body cool and to wash away the grim and grease from heavy sweating, bathe twice a day. 

Watch out for heat-related sicknesses:  Air-borne, mosquito-borne and water-borne viruses and infections that are contagious are rampant during summer.  Keep a close watch for anything extraordinary, especially among the old, the obese, the young children and those who are already ill, seek medical attention immediately.

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