Small Companies


Companies like GE, Dassault, Ford Motors – to name a few, need the assistance of smaller companies for their day-to-day operations.  The relationship is almost symbiotic.  The following true stories are some of the examples how big companies hatched small companies. 

True Story -1: Bruno, who lives near an oil company, noticed that the company spent countless man hours, employing their oil workers and even, their security guards, reconditioning 300 liters oil drums. The workers reconditioned the dents and returned the drums for refilling.  Bruno came everyday to the site, watching the company’s workers labor hard.  One day, he approached the management and told them that he could get the same job of ‘reconditioning’, at a price less then it was costing them.  The management looked at his estimate and agreed.  They gave him a trial consignment of 100 dented drums for reconditioning.  Bruno employed a few skilful workers and got the work done within a span of 48 hours.  Today, Bruno is running a drums reconditioning company with a turnover worth 30 million per annum.  Can you believe that? 

True Story-2:  A small-time locksmith from a small-town in Jamaica suggested to a big company that makes 1000s of boilers that he could maintain all the locks in the plant far more cheaply than they could do it by themselves.   The company at that time was spending 30,000 dollars maintaining all the locks in their plant.  After a thorough investigation, the Management found that they were indeed spending 1000s of dollars in maintenance.  The locksmith got the contract.  Now he runs a 12-man workshop making a lot of money.  Later, this locksmith went on to get two more contracts recommended by this company.

True Story-3:  A gardener working for a big Aeronautical company heard that his company has decided to beautify the gardens in their parking lot area and around its office buildings.  After working as a gardener mowing lawns, preening rose bushes and grating leaves, for nearly 15 years, he approached the director of his company and requested him to give him the contract.  He drew sketches – colorful sketches presenting ideas to beautify the company’s gardens.  Impressed by his sketches, the management went ahead and gave him the contract, neglecting the best of the offers from other landscape beautifying companies.  He is no longer a humble gardener now; hundreds of people are working for him maintaining the gardens of several other companies. 

With incredible drive and business acumen, these three men have established a symbiotic relationship with huge corporations by being their life-line.  The big companies say that they rely on the resourcefulness of smaller companies.  It may be risky for both the parties involved but it is a chance both are willing to take. 


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