Population Problems


India is the
second highest populous country of the world. The rate of population is
increasing with a high speed which creates lots of problems to the government
and the problems are even face among people.

discuss this issue in detail:

There are
many problems occur because of population like Unemployment, poverty, Crowd and
etc. So for now let’s discuss about them in brief.

Unemployment: Because of high population the
government is unable to provide employment to each and every citizen because
the rate of employment is very less than compare to the rate of population. So,
because of unemployment even literate people are doing low grade jobs for their

Poverty: It’s the obvious thing that a
country with high population has to the face the problem of poverty. Poverty is
a very common thing in the countries which have more population. If we control
the population then there are the possibilities of development of the country.
But even though govt. had organized various awareness institutions it seems to
me useless.

Traffic jams: Now days, we can find traffic jams
every where whether it is busy road or a street. This is the worst impact of
high population. If you want to travel for the distance of 10 kilometers it
will take 1 to 2 hours because of traffic jams. Even a kid has his own vehicle
so almost majority of people have their own vehicles which is also the reason
of traffic jams.

Crowd at government
offices and hospitals:
Places like govt hospitals are fully crowded every time. One has to wait
for many hours for his turn to come. It seems to be most irritating thing and
because of heavy rush the management of the respective departments are unable
to make arrangements for the people.

Migration of people
from small towns to the cities
: People from the small towns are migrating from small towns
the big cities for their earnings the government should take necessary steps
for the people who lives in small towns they should provide employment
opportunities into their own towns so that they should not make lot of struggle
for their livelihood.

there are some remedial measures to
control the rate of population, let’s discuss few of them…

Awareness among the people: The govt should put more efforts to
make people to be aware of the losses which happen because of high population.

Encourage people to maintain small
: The govt
should start various schemes among the people; each family should have only two

If we want
all the facilities and services provide by the government then we have to make
control over the population. This will also help in making country develop and


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