Motivational Goal Planner

Goal Planner
1. The great secret of success is that
there are no secrets of success;
there are only timeless principles
that have proven effective throughout
the centuries.
2. If you change your thinking, you
change your life.
3. It doesn’t matter where you’re
coming from; all that matters is
where you are going.
4. You have great, untapped reserves
of potential within you. Your job is
to release them.
5. Decide what you want, and then
act as if it were impossible to fail.
6. Learn from the experts; you will
not live long enough to figure it all
out for yourself.
7. The more reasons you have for
achieving your goal, the more
determined you will become.
8. You are in the people business, no
matter what you do or where you
do it.
9. There are no limits on what you can
achieve with your life, except the
limits you accept in your own mind.
10. You are a potential genius; there is
no problem you cannot solve, and
no answer you cannot find somewhere.
11. Your success will be largely determined
by your ability to concentrate
single-mindedly on one thing
at a time.
12. If there is anything you want in life,
find out how others have achieved
it and then do the same things they
13. If you conduct yourself as though
you expect to be successful and
happy, you will seldom be disappointed.
14. It is not what you say, or wish, or
hope, or intend, it is only what you
do that counts.
15. Everything you have in your life
you have attracted to yourself
because of the person you are.


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