benefits of being vegetarian
More and more people these days are embarking on a diet rich in colorful vegetables and fruits, green
leaves, nuts, cereals, and grains. They have realized that a vegetarian food not only keeps them healthy by staving off grave ailments but also gives them a long life.  Many famous athletes, scientists, geniuses, and several other famous men and women – Albert Einstein, Bernard Shaw, Leonardo da Vinci, Seneca, Plato, Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Paul McCarthy, to name a few, lived – live – on a vegetarian diet.
There are facts that can be testified to the beneficial influence of vegetarianism on our body.  El Quafi, an outstanding athlete and Olympic gold medalist, ate only plant-derived foods.  Paavo Nurmi, who won several medals in the Olympics, was a vegetarian.  A Danish sportsman, who took part in several
spots events like running, skating, wrestling, rowing, and discuss throwing says , ‘porridge and bread, potatoes and other vegetables provided him more strength than fried meat or beefsteaks’.
Once an experimental climbing event was made on Mt. Elbrus by four seasoned climbers who were not vegetarians and the two remaining inexperienced climbers were vegetarians.  The experiment showed
that the inexperienced climbers reached the summit first.  
There were a group of monks – around 28 of them – who lived up in the mountains.  About 12 of them were vegetarians and the rest based their foods on animal flesh and consumed very little vegetables.  It was found that the monks who thrived on meat kinds lived only up to 70 but the monks who were total vegetarians lived beyond 90.
Doctors and scientists have been long warning us about the dangers of consuming only animal foods and totally avoiding vegetable kinds.  They say that excessive consumption leads to diseases that have become common in our time.  Meat, by raising the vascular tone, raises blood pressure and thereby sets the stage for heart diseases.   If you are a non-vegetarian, try to add vegetables and leafy greens in your diet and see the difference.  
Long live the vegetarianism!!


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