Let’s Salute Those Who Made India Proud — HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY



He was the
architect of
India‘s freedom and one of the greatest
and most influential man of
India’s history.  The father of our nation, Gandhiji, gave up
his life for
India’s freedom.  His name and fame will remain forever.
                                     SARDAR PATEL :
He was
called the “Iron man of
India”. During the freedom struggle, he
was arrested, tortured and imprisoned several times. After
Independence, he became the Deputy Prime
Minister of free
India and the architect of India’s integrity.  He fearlessly planned and executed the merger
of hundreds of princely states within the Indian Union.
                               BALA GANGADHAR TILAK :
His famous
slogan “Swaraj is our birthright” became popular during the
Independence movement.  He was called the lion of India. His zeal and energy was boundless.
He published several articles, inspiring the hearts of many. Till his last
breath, he worked for our motherland.
A strong
and brave revolutionary who gave up his life.  He was hunted by the police and betrayed by
fellow workers. He was the brave leader of Kakori Rail Dacoity Episode.
He is the
symbol of the heroism of the youth of
India. He was a revolutionary. He threw a
bomb when the Legislature was in session, to warn the British Government. He
was put to death but lives in the hearts of his countrymen. He will never be
forgotten for his bravery.
 From an early age, he displayed courage and
was inspired by many leaders who were fighting for
Independence during his time.  He was put to death and died as a martyr
singing “vande Mataram’.  He was only 19
years of age.
                                    TANTIA TOPE :
He was a well-known
hero of the freedom movement. His actions struck terror in the hearts of the English
military officers.  During his fight for
freedom, he was deceived by his friend and was put to death.  After his death, he became a hero for many
young Indians.
When the
British were about to hang him, this fearless and courageous patriot kissed the
hangman’s noose with the name of Allah on his lips.  He was known to many as a young man with
steel-like determination and will. He dedicated his entire life for the freedom
He was popularly
known as Netaji.  He was one of the many
martyrs who died for our country,
India.  He was filled with patriotism and was greatly
influenced by Mahatma Gandhi. He took up armed revolution against the British
and was imprisoned many times. Right after the
Independence, he died due to plane crash.  But, his dream of seeing India free had come true.
He was a
great man of great courage and determination. 
He was an orator, journalist, and warrior.  He used his oratory skills to unleash attacks
on the British to drive them out.  His
articles and speeches were fiery and they inspired many young Indians to fight
for swaraj.  
He shook
the foundation of the British government when he organized Prison Strike and
Lahore Conspiracy Case in 1928 and 1929. 
He was a close friend of Bagath Singh and together they geared up the
Indian youth showing them imaginary pictures of future
He was put to death in 1931 by the British.
He was a
soldier and martyr who woke up the youth of
India with his courageous deeds. At the
young age of 22 he sparked the Indian Independence Movement (Sepoy mutiny).  In 1857, he was captured and was put to
death.  His death planted the seed of the


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