Know About Back Links

Know about back links

 Type of Links in SEO :

One way links

Regular Links

Free Links

No Follow Links

Do Follow Links

Reciprocal Links

Two Way Links

Three Way Links

Paid Links

Every link is a good link, but some links are better than others.

One way Links and Incoming links are very important in SEO.

The work that’s done on other webpages consists of creating links to your site. To the home page & to the internal pages.

Each backlink is viewed as a vote or point for your site.

The higher the rank of the site you’re putting the link, the more weight it will carry.

Why are quality backlinks so important?

Search engine point of view:

backlinks = Google see your website as important.

The more backlinks  the more visitors you will get The more time spent on your website. Further increasing
the importance and standing of your website. This means, search engines look at inbound links / 
and the sources to rank the website.


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