How to Start Fiverr

Know about Fiverr
The simple way to make money online and suggest-able freelance site is This is one of the site which is providing online jobs without fee. There you can earn money by selling your talents. Whatever talent you have you can sell there each service you can charge $5 by creating gig on fiverr. Commonly buyer and seller both of them required PAYPAL account.
Advantages for ‘SELLERS’:
No registration fee required.
Post unlimited gigs with your talents.
No bidding involved.
Buyers pay before starting the job.
Genuine workers will get ratings.
Note : Beware of fake buyers ….. Fake buyers will purchase your gig and once you completed the work the buyers will cancel the order and seller will not get the payment. This is very big head-ache for genuine sellers.
Advantages for ‘BUYERS’:

Buyers can get solution for their needs at $5 only.

If buyer is not satisfied with the work they can get refund.

Buyers can choose the best sellers based on their rating.

Note : Beware of fake sellers ….. Few innocent buyers also become victims for fake gigs. Few sellers make gigs to get the orders they make very big promises for the designed gigs. Once you order they send you a fake report. 

Once the order delivered buyers should remember that you can cancel the work until unless they refund the money. Few cheaters not accept your cancellation however buyers should not leave those scammer you can cancel repeatedly until the seller accepts the cancellation.

Beware of fiverr :

Now A days fiverr also restricting the sellers accounts without any reason. 

Once they restrict your account; they will send you a mail stating that seller can withdraw their earnings after 45 days.


Once your account banned that’s all forget about your funds. They never reply to your mails.

So ….. You should withdraw your earnings as early as possible even it is $10.


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