How to create Meta Tags


While you are going to know about meta tags usage you must learn how meta tags helpful to our site. If you do not have meta tags when search engine crawl you site they will take the description (250 characters) from your homepage and retrieve it as description. Most of the times it may confuse the searcher. If you give a constructive meta tags then search engine displays what your site telling about ? as well as search engines give ranking to your blog’s meta keywords.

Meta Title:

Title tag nothing but introduction of your site or what your site is telling about. Choosing the right title is very important in getting more visits. In every search results; the hi-lightened text by the search engines is ‘title’. Therefore attractive title can give more visits to your blog.

Meta title should be between 60 to 70 characters. 
Title tag should start with <title> and close with </title>

Meta Title tag format :
<title>primary keyword | secondary keyword | ternary keyword </title>

Example : If your site about online jobs then your title like :
<title>online jobs | work at home | part time jobs</title>

Meta  Description:

Well written description is another advantage of optimizing the website. Good description can help in attracting the visitors and make them to click on your website link to know about your site.

Manage your description between 150 to 160 characters including spaces and symbols.

Meta Description tag format :
<meta name=”description” content = ” Your site description insertion of keywords gives more attention by the visitors. “/>

Example :
<meta name=”description” content = “online jobs – work at home – part time jobs @ We provide free online jobs information without registration fee.”/>

 Meta Keywords:

Writing meta keywords in the page is to inform the search engines about main keywords that you are implementing the content with those keywords. Few web masters are writing meta keywords up to 900 characters. A better meta keywords tag would be below 300 keys.

Meta Keyword tag format :
<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1,keyword2,keyword3,…………”/>

Example :
<meta name=”keywords” content=”online jobs,work at home,par time jobs,online jobs without investment,genuine online jobs,jobs online,seo,inspirational sms, wall papers”/>


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