Exercise your way to fitness while sitting

Exercise while sitting
These exercises can be performed while you are sitting for long hours. For example: while traveling by train, airplane, sitting in a lecture hall, or in an offic. Sitting for long hours can impede blood circulation, decrease energy, stiffen the joints, create exhaustion, and can cause thrombosis (blood clot). These exercises will take only a few minutes, and doing them regularly whenever you find yourself seated for long hours will do you a world of good.
1 – Raise your heels alternatively, as in jogging, but keep the toes on the floor.
2 – Plant your feet firmly on the floor. Now, stretch your left leg forward and hold it for 10 seconds and bring it back. Stretch your right leg forward and hold it for 10 seconds and bring it back.
3 – Gently pull or contract your stomach muscles in and hold it for 10 seconds and release it slowly.
4 – Take your right hand and place it on your left shoulder, and take your left hand and place it on your right shoulder. Now, slowly bend forward as far as possible for a few seconds and return to normal position.
5 – Make a fist (close all your fingers into a ball) and stretch your hands forward and roll both the hands – clockwise and anticlockwise.
6 – Sit straight with head facing forward. Now, gently turn your head to the right and to the left and bend your head backward and forward (touching your chin). This must be done slowly and gently.
7 – Sit straight with your head facing forward. Now, raise left shoulder up and drop it. Raise your right shoulder up and drop it.
8 – Stretch your hands out with fingers relaxed. Now, rapidly close your fingers and release them.
9 – Gently hold the back of your head with both hands and lock your fingers. Keep your body straight. Now, slowly and gently bend to the left and to the right.
10 – Stretch your hands out to your shoulder levels with palms facing up. Now, make a fist (close your fingers into a ball) and imagine you are pulling some heavy weight. Tense your fists and hands and slowly bring them toward your shoulder. Again, stretch your hands out and repeat this.
11 – Keep your head straight and relax. Now, rotate your eyeballs in your socket in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction.
12 – Sit straight and take a deep breath and slowly release it. Repeat this 3 times and see yourself relaxing.

The above-mentioned exercises are designed while you are seated. It should be done slowly and may be repeated a few times.


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