Blood Group Types


According to a Japanese professor, Masahiko Nomi, our blood type
does dictate our personality traits.  It
is hard to say how he researched and came to a definite conclusion, but his
findings have become popular in Japan and nations surrounding it.  Anyway, before we go any further, let me
remind you that his findings are not scientifically proven to be true.   
First of all, if you don’t know your blood type, ask your parents or
go to a diagnostic center and let them draw blood from you to determine your
blood type.
 Here are the blood types and his findings:
Positive traits:  You are
usually introverted, shy, reserved, patient, and sensitive; you plan everything
in detail and act on it with precision.  You are independent.
Negative traits:   You are obdurate, compulsive, obsessive,
highly self-conscious, and play hard to get.  
Positive traits:  You are very
creative, passionate, easygoing, optimistic, and very supportive.  You are curious like a cat.
Negative traits:  You can get
too comfortable at times; become forgetful, selfish, act irresponsible.  You can’t handle different tasks.
 Type –AB:   
Positive traits:  You are very
empathetic, introverted, not easily ruffled, and a thinker.
Negative traits:  You are
double-faced, can become very critical of others, and you don’t forgive people
Positive traits:   You are full of energy, intense, confident,
ambitious, and well-liked by others.
Negative traits:   You can get
arrogant, become stubborn, careless of others, and vain.
 Who discovered our blood type?
 The blood types ABO were first discovered by an Austrian scientist
Karl   Landsteiner in the 1900.
 How much blood circulates our body?
 4 to 6 liters of blood circulates our body.
 What does our blood contain?
 It consists of different types of cells.  All these cells float in the fluid called
Our blood contains red, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma.
Red blood cells:
 They contain hemoglobin; their job is to transport oxygen to
different parts our body.
White blood cells:  They fight infection.
The platelets:  Their job is to clot the blood. 
It happens when we get wounded; the platelets immediately clot the blood
in that area and stop the blood from flowing.
The plasma:  This fluid contains salts and other proteins.


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