Advertising Benefits

The  ad serving application allows you to sell advertising space for other people’s advertisements on your blog/website. However, Google picks and chooses the adverts that are relevant (relevant, in terms of your site’s/blog’s content pages). If it is not relevant, Google will not — I repeat — will not choose
them. So, whenever someone clicks on an advertisement, you earn money. Doesn’t it sound so simple?
Guys, let us look at advertising and generating revenue through electronic or print media. They are more to do with economics. In other words, it is ‘costly’.  Companies are looking for cost-effective way to raise their profiles or sell their products. It is costly to advertise in print media and costly to place an advert on the television media. Besides, the companies have no way of knowing who were watching or how
many were watching the adverts; unless they make a door-to-door survey. Whereas in the internet or web ads, we can easily guage how many clicks they have had on their adverts.  So, the online marketing is a giant step ahead and a cheaper alternative.

you guys know that ‘The adsense or adserving application run by Google Inc’ has
completed 8 years now?  Yes, it was launched in 2004 and since then it’s
popularity has been increasing. The reason it is becoming very popular among
the users or web publishers is ‘money’. It can generate cash to pay your
monthly rent or your cell phone bill, or just some walking-around money.
But, hey, there is always a caveat: As long as you stay within the frame work
of the rules and regulations of the adsense, you can earn revenues. 


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