A  Preposition is a word that relates its object to some other word in the sentence.

Susam leaned against the wall.
Into the swimming pool side the sanke.
The pitcher threw the ball to me.

In these sentences the words against, into and to are prepositions. Each relates the noun or pronoun after it to another word in the sentence. The noun or pronoun following a preposition is called the “object of the preposition”.

The words wall, swimming pool and me are objects of the preposition. Here is a list of commonly used prepositions.

about                          before
at                                   by
around                        but (except)
along                          between
after                           beneath
against                        below
above                         behind
across                        beyond
among                        beside
down                         off
for                              of
during                         out
in                               on
from                           over
into                            through
near                           past
like                            onto
inside                        outside
to                              without
under                         until
up                              toward

EXERCISE: (Finding Preposition)
The French Air Force jets disappeared into the clouds.
We bought some popcorn during the movie.
Our summer trip took us through yellow stone park.
The river was across the mountain.
Crystal had her picture taken for the newspaper.

A prepositional phase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with its object.
The preposition, its object, and all the words that modify the object combine to form a prepositional phase.
My sister lid behind the back door (door is the object of the preposition)
On christmas day, my parents visited. (Christmas is the object of the preposition)
The coach was looking for Julie. (Julie is the object of the preposition)
If a preposition has a compound object, all the parts of the objects are included in the prepositional phrase.
We used bricks made of white clay and grass.

EXERCISE: (finding the prepositional phrase):
The girl beside me comes from Kampala, Uganda.
Without radar, the plane could not have flown through the abuse fog.
There is nothing in the kitchen except sugar and coffee powder.
Everyone in the party was introduced to our guests.
Walk past the police station and the library and then left.


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