Using The Period


RULE-1:  Use a period (.) at the end of declarative sentences, and most imperative sentences.
1.    Please stop talking(.) 
2.    Christmas falls on the 25th of December.
RULE -2:  Use a period (.) after an abbreviation or after an initial.
    A.M.          P.M.       U.A.E.        Fr.          Sr.      J.P. Stanley

RULE-3:  Use a period after each number or letter that shows a division of an outline or that comes before an item in a list.
Diwali Sweets ( a list)
1.    laddu
2.    pan cake
3.    pretzels
4.    pongal
Camp Activities (an outline)
1.    Outdoor Activities
a.     Swimming
b.    Football
c.     Martial Arts
1.    Karate
2.    Judo
EXERCISE (supply the missing periods).
1.    Dr Doolittle comes at 8:00 PM 
2.    Mr and Mrs Bogle invited us for dinner 
3.    The fig trees are found in Washington D C 
4.    The parcel was addressed to Ms L M Diaz 
5.    The shop is open from 10:00 A M  to 11:00 P M 

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