Tongue Twisters


An insomniac yakkend away incessantly in an irish island.
The insalubrious season brought sinusitis and smothered many saints in surinam.
An insolent inartistic arts teacher was inaccessible and inadvisable.
Seventh of July is a jubilant. Joyous occasion.
A fastidious fan fatuously fined a pine tree.
The fervor of the felon was ferocious and feeling.
The wound festered and pestered leaving the petty officer furious.
A mice skittered skittishly.
She skulked skirmishly in a simplex theater.
A simian smiled a sinister smile similar to a sibilant sibling.
A sickle cell carcinoma causes shrill, shrewd, shrimp.
He seethed and scuffled with his scupper.
A snail sailed silently in the sesame slimy slinky street.
A polish fish passed French fish frying competition.
The eggs exclaimed ecstatically in an escalating elevator.
The red robin is yodel evoked emotions in England’s English channel.
A fist pisst the mist with a twist in the midst.
May eye marry mary may in the month of may?
The thunder under the udder uttered urgently.
A merry maid mothered a tethered monkey.
A sheepish fish flew past a pish-posh posh Porsche.
The animals is the animals anemic anonymous author.
A clubbable, culpable culprit hulled and culled a hulk.
Frozen patties overfilled and overwhelmed in a wooden woodland.
Loose grey sweater keeled over evidently every where.
A reluctant realtor resolved resolutely the registrar’s recurrent rendition.
He drove with care to avoid the lush slush that washed
The debris and overspilled and overfilled the vat.
Through the windows Winton waved with wry smile.
He puffed and fluffed at fallow field.
 The cool draught through the open window was very welcome.
Exasperated ethnic Evelyn exchanged lukewarm sweater.
The return of the eternal elephant burnt the burgeoning burgundy bum stead.
A louver lured Lolita with his alluring alligator.
The knees of the niece of Denise is deceased.
The ambitious young officer saluted the sanctimonious, round faced cock-eyed detective David.
 Behind the white washed wall lay a lonely villa.
A hugger mugger endured a Thugger thankfully.
Sliced silk worms slithered Slinkily in the sidewalk.
Omnipresent onlookers occasionally outperform the outgoing oculists.
Megalomania Megan mauled and mulled manipulating megastar Melissa.
Jakov the jack of Jerico jostled josh.
Beijing black panthers thirst for thrifty Thelma Thomas.
Kudos to cute kittens.
Ripsy and Mimsy pealed with laughter at the slaughter of saturnine Saturn of bunnies.
Piggedly hi Ggedly Dorothy Dodged Conniving Carina.
Sean shoved and shunted a sachet of sibilant.
Asia providers provide casual clothes worldwide.
Rose has sewn a bloody beautiful blue blouse with black and red roses.
Brian’s brother is a broth of a boy. This bruiser is no other than brain’s brother.
Clammy clams clamber along a can camber to get to the clabber.
Languorous regulators angrily and regularly regulated regulators.
He thinks his intense thoughts should bring to the brilliant results – He says what he thinks, But he does not think what he says.
Six sisters scissor silk with a pair of scissors.
A subsequent and subservient servant subsisted on a subterranean subway.
A Swiss swine swindled a sycophant in a symposium.
Tactile teddy’s technique temporized a teeming teenager.
Trillion tricycle tripped and trounced triumphantly.
Unassailable ultra underclass usherer.
Overwrought oyster ostracized an ornithologist.
Placid plagiarist plaintively plundered a potboiler.
Rambunctious randy ransacked a rapscallion in Romania.
A serrated serpent shilly-shallied a shimmering sheriff.
Shrewd swimmer skimmed through and skimmed over a skewer.
He found two students solemnly staring at him through the large open window.
Winton, Vincent Dominic, and althea went visibly upset over overwork.
He Implied implicitly indicating the imminent danger.
A tigon and a ligon lived lividly in a living room.  


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