Tongue Twisters


Miss rose mary church lives in church street in Christchurch.
Author Adrian aims aimlessly to Augument his auditory problem.
The wind outside is pushing vainly against Venetian window.
He loved and outlived two wives.
A Strongly – Built distinguished – looking man with an engaging smile.
An opulent opera operator opposed the proposed poly – clinic.
A singer singed sissy Sammy’s shapely salmonella salmon.
A kook and a cook took a nuke and nuked Noumea.
Miss young wong rang the wrong number.
Phoebe felt feeble after feeding finches.
Cain carried Carla and Marla in his casual caravan.
A dilapilated  dingy dungeon brought Bart and Bruno a Breeding Ground.
A shifty-eyed shiela slittered sixty – six slates.
Mr. Sean and Mrs. Shawn shoved and stowed their silky, satin socks in a socket.
Vast swathes of waste lands were devastated wastefully.
A vigilant visitor visited various villages in his vicissitude.
Eight emerging elite examiners examined eighteen elite elephants.
Macho men munch much meat in Munich.
The current crises in congo is corrupting the common conmen.
A multi millionaire built a mult – story building behind the backwaters.
A secret secretary secreted a secret seabiscuit secretly.
A series a serial search sent a series of serious seamen seaward.
Lilly – livered Leela lived in a lowly lovely land.
Thomas and Theresa threatened three thin thespians.
Neil’s knee needled nine night knackers.
Dave drove deer during December.
A tiresome and cumbersome communist married a handsome harry.
Prickly porcupines picked a pig in a pit and patted it priggishly.
The events in England will eventually end.
A whiff of vile weather wethered a withering wild wiseman.
Fickled ticks tickled a tiny trinkled trinklet.
Sharper shoppers shop for proper copper choppers.
Gunter grants gaunt great aunt gave gunter gray gauntlets.
Two twisted witches watched two wrist watches.
Chester’s sisters stitched Chester’s vests.
 Sisyphus the physicist dismissed sophistic statistics.
To sit in solemn silence on a dull dark dock.
A cricket critic
Ken dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead.
The wrinkle ship sank and the shrimp ship swam.
Saul saw Esau saw Sue’s seesaw. Saul soon saw sue, swore. He saw Esau saw her seesaw.
Tedious teddy taught teeny tertiary.
A thug Muggud Topsy – Turuy thoroughbreds.
Verisimilitude verdict vented veritable victor.
A veteran whetted a VIP violently.
Wafer – thin vast waffles vaulted on a wanton warlord.
Machinating Madame macabre marched magnanimously.
The proclivity of the proactive reprobate proceeds from his portly posterior.
Poor people’s only prognosis is their prodigious propriety.
Smith squandered his squeaky clean image with a squelch.
Tangible tawny tantrum Tanta mounts to taxonomy.
Stella lauded lord lascivious lassie.
Officious officer officiates off shore offspring in Oslo.
Peel the spec on fleck with a spry specimen.
Thermal thermometer thuddered and shuddered in a thicket.
Unctuous uncle under went undercover unction.
Extra vowel vitiates vocal veteran.
The adamant adolescent admonished animated Anita affably.
A fifty – pounder flounce and pounced on a precarious precipice.
Raymond Razzle-Dazzled a recall Trant renegade.
Satan’s sanguine sardonic stare sapped Sammy.
A scrawny scout scrawled on a scree.
Doleful dowager’s dossier dotted around the doctor’s divan.
An eaglet embarked on an eligible elite emporium and enamored everyone.
Evangelical evangelist evaluated eleven eligible ethereal beings.
A convict evicted feudal fiend in a fight that flopped flimsy François.
 Frazzled fritzerald mawkishly meddled in a melee.
An ogre ogled at the off-the-peg horse.
The pelvis of Elvis emitted extraordinary exuberance.
A janitor jauntily jaywalked and jeopardized a jagged jersey.
Mandible mandate managed a manacle.
The fanfare was fun fare in a fervent farm.
A frigid frigate frisked a frenetic fugitive.
A gobbling goblet googled golden goose in a gothic gorge.
Halfwit vinny hallucinated in Holland.
Handy handyman.
Colossal clot caused collateral combustion.


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