Raveena Tondon is Back


Raveena, the buxom beauty who made an impact in the 80s and 90s, is back – not to the movies, but as a ‘chat show’ host. She has joined the array of talk show hosts: Preity, Suman, and Karan Johar. She is sure to be a roaring success just like the others.

H Her first show was aired on the 25th of February as part of the 13 episodes of the first season. Through the talk shows, Raveena plans to reveal the never-before-seen talents that lay hidden in our much-loved celebrities here at home ( India ). This not a regular one-to-one talk show, it covers everyone and everything that involves in the celebrities’ life – their careers, lives, the good and bad.

T Talking about the show, she said she felt nervous because hosting was not as easy as judging (when she was a judge for a reality show) and, holding a conversation on camera was really tough. But then, she said she overcame her nervousness and became confident after shooting a few episodes.

S Speaking about her new career as a talk show host, she says, “It’s easy talking to celebrities! The difficult part of the show is holding a conversation with their family members, since they are usually reserved.”

T The second season, scheduled to start soon, will cover celebrities from other walks of life: sports men and women, and other famous persons who have made India proud by their achievements.

At At the end of the show on the 25th of February, Raveen said, “I hope the viewers enjoyed the show as much as I enjoyed hosting it”. Those who viewed her show say Raveena was looking as pretty as ever and has not lost her glitz and glamour that comes with being a celebrity. Way to go, Raveena!!

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