On-Page Optimization

On page Optimization Techniques
On page optimization is foundation for blog. One page optimization includes content, design and html code related jobs. In a movie, an actress used to say If a movie want to box-office hit there are three elements required…. one…. entertainment !!!!! second….. entertainment !!!!! and third ….. entertainment !!!!!. There are three elements required to get your blog in first page …. one …. content !!!!!  second ….. content !!!!! and third ….. content !!!!!. 

Architecture of your site can significantly impact your search engine potential as well as visitor’s attention. Stay away from full of flash pages; use flash elements where they add value. Using more images in your site they take too long to load that can give negative impact on your page raking. Instead of using unnamed images like ‘1wab245d74.jpg’ name it with appropriate file name like ‘beautiful-katrina-kife-in-saree.jpg.

1. Keyword Analysis:
Keyword analysis plays very important role in SEO. While you are selecting a keyword you should know the popularity of the keyword. You can use google adwords keywords tool to find the keyword density.  There you can find the keyword searches on monthly basis and global and local searches for the keyword which you have selected. In Google ad-words keywords tool you can find suggestions for related keywords. Do not choose a keyword based on the popularity select best keyword as per your blog content. Do not try to select a high popularity keyword with a normal content blog in that case you cannot achieve your goals. If the keyword density is high; you should write unique content with more and more pages. You should remember that the keyword should be used naturally with in the content. Should not fill keywords in a page without content that is against to search engine policies. Any time crawlers can find and drop your site rank or erase your site from search engines.

Meta Tags

5. Alt Tag :

6. Anchor Text :

7. Robots File :

8. Canonical Form :

9. Google Analytics :

10. Webmasters Tools :


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