Low Mental Defense and Accidents


husband, weighed by tensions at work, was on his way home. While he was
crossing the road, he gets knocked down by a cyclist.
 A new mother, going through postpartum
depression, slips and falls in the kitchen.
 One thing is common with these two people:  Their mental defenses are down or at an
all-time low.

shows that 1 in every 29 people are accident-prone.   What makes the others not accident
prone?  Are there some special traits to
identify them?  Yes, the French
scientists, after years of studying railway workers, came up with three traits.
They are people who are agreeable, dependable, and open.   People who are agreeable are not selfish and
aggressive; people who are dependable are usually responsible and act according
to their conscience; and people who are open tend to be friendly, sociable, and
usually warm.  

causes our mental defenses to go down? Depression, anger, guilt, etc., can breakdown
our mental defense and get us into trouble.  When a person’s mental defenses are down,
he/she is more likely to be knocked down by a slippery rug on the floor.   When we are under stress due to worries,
guilt, anger, loneliness, and depression, we are more in the mood for getting
into trouble, and we can become temporarily accidental prone.   

decade-long study on ‘accidents and its causes’, conducted by doctors at a
university in the USA,
found that more than 75% of all accidents are not accidental at all.   After
an accident, the doctors want us to think back on the state of our mind just
before the accident.  Don’t they seen to
happen when you fell letdown, angry, guilty or depressed about something?  

young people who are still growing physically, mentally and emotionally, are plagued
by accidents often the older, mature adults.   The study found that this tendency –
accident-prone tendency — usually diminishes as they age and begin to love
themselves and others more.

to avoid accidents inadvertently, let us deal with our guilt, anger, worries,
anxiety and depression.  Let us not carry
those in our heart because they weaken our mental defenses.  So let us focus on our mental well being and
increase its defenses by valuing and loving ourselves and others, because no
one can be responsible for our mental well being except us.


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