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version: 2016-08-16

For this task, you will be provided a landing page and asked to identify which – if any – of the following attributes the landing page has:

  • items out of stock
  • bad search results page
  • error did not load
  • ‘soft’ 404 page

If none of the above attributes applies, you should select “None of the above” and submit the task even if there are other problems with the landing page..

Completely out of stock/No longer available

You should check this flag if all or most of the products listed on the landing page are out of stock. If only a small portion of the products listed on the page are out of stock or unavailable, please do not select this flag.

Landing PageExplanation
landing pageThe item is out of stock or discontinued. Therefore, you should check the “out of stock/no longer available” flag.
landing pageThe product in question is out of stock. Therefore, you should select the “out of stock/no longer available” flag.

Bad In-Site Search Results

Sometimes a landing page will have in-site search functionality, and provide a bad landing page experience for the user by showing search results that do not include the product being searched. If the exact product being searched for is not listed at all, please classify the page as a Bad In-Site Search Results page. 

Landing PageExplanation
landing pageThe user is looking for a place to store their free weights. However, the search results all point to different book shelves which are not what the user was looking for, you should select the “Bad In-Site Search Results” flag.
landing pageThe search query on the page is for “iphone 6”. However, the page does not list a single iPhone 6. It has accessories, but not the actual product being searched within the in-site search engine. Therefore, this page should be classified as  “Bad In-Site Search Results.”
landing pageThe page is supposed to return products that exactly match the in-site search query “harley davidson women clothing.” However, not a single item is there which satisfies that intent.

Content Unclear

In some cases, the landing page may have no real content. This could occur when the page is just pure gibberish and it’s hard to understand what it’s about and how a user will get satisfied by it. This could also occur when the page does not render properly or has no real content. This flag is distinct from the Soft 404 or Error / Did Not Load flags, because no errors are returned when you visit the page, and at least some content partially loads.

Landing PageExplanation
landing pageThe landing page does load, but the content is available without context and it’s very unclear that the website is for. This should be classified with the “Content Unclear” flag.
landing pageThe landing page technically loads, but the real content does not load at all. There are just a bunch of links with no indication of what the links are for or where they lead. Thus, the page has no real content.

Error / Did Not Load

Error / Did Not Load pages are pages that do not load at all, nor do they allow the user to navigate to another portion of the website. They are distinct from “Soft 404 Pages” because “Error / Did Not Load” pages do not allow the user to continue to navigate to the rest of the site. Review the example below:

Landing PageExplanation
landing pageThe page does not load at all, only a broken image box appears and it is impossible to navigate to another portion of the site. Therefore, you should select “Error Did Not Load.”

Soft 404 Page

Soft 404 pages are stylized error pages. They are distinct from Error / Did Not Load because “Soft 404 Pages” allow the user to continue to navigate to the rest of the site. Review the examples below:

Landing PageExplanation
landing pageThe sub-reddit in question “aadsfssdfasdff” does not exist. The error text “there doesn’t seem to be anything here” appears. Because the user can still navigate the rest of the website, you should select the “Soft 404 Page” flag.
landing pageThe Everlane website does not have the subsection linked here. The error text “This page doesn’t exist! Click here to return to our site.” appears, and the user is still able to navigate through to the rest of the website. Therefore, you should select “Soft 404 Page” flag.

None of the above

If you find that the landing page does not have any of the attributes defined above, please select the “None of the above flag” and submit the task.

If you encounter a technical problem with this rating task, use the “Report A Problem” link in the lower-right hand corner of the rating page.


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