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Thriumala is located in Chittoor district from Andhra Pradesh, India. Thirumala will be very near to Tamilnadu. We can find many Tamil devotees in Thirumala. Actual name of Thirumala is Thiru Malai originated from Tamil. Thiru means Sacrificed and Malai means mountain. The name was changed as Thirumala in 2000. When the Andhra Pradesh formation time Andhra people were demanded Chennai as capital of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilians demanded Thirumalai to be part of Tamilnadu. Finally they owned Chennai as their capital city and Thirumalai become a part of Andhra Pradesh. That is the great honour for Telugu people. Thirumala was developed in the time of Srikrishna Devaraya. He used to stay in Chandragiri Kota near by seven hills.Thirumala Thirupathi is a holy place for Hindu Religion. Tirumala is located on Seven Hills. Lord Venkateshwara stays on the 7th hill which is called as Venkatadri. On and average, in a day 50,000 devotees visits this holy place and this will be the world second highest visitors in a day after Vatican City. Daily the Sreevari Hundi will reaches about 1,00,00,000 INR. Lord Venkateswara is known as Balaji, Srivaru, Srinivasudu, Govindha, Edukondalavadu, Venkata Ramana, Narayana, Hari etc. Thirumala will be known as Kaliyuga Vaikuntam and Venkateshwara Swamy avathar is the last one of Lord Vishnu Murthy’s Dashavatharalu.

There are two ways to reach Thirumala one is foot path way and second is transportation by bus and etc. Bus fair from Thirupathi to Thirumala is 34/- for adults and 17/- for child the journey will be about 1 hour. Taxi is 350/- for four passengers.

This is called as Steps Way. Steps will be 3550, you need finish these 3550 steps to reach Thirumala. It will take 4 to 8 hours to reach the destination. You can see such a beautiful nature, cool breeze and mountains by passing the way. Devotees has to pass between the thick forest with the mountains. Galigopuram is the center point for Thirumala and Thirupathi. When you cross 2000 steps then you will reach Galigopuram and there passes will be issued for Direct Dharshan.


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