Impact of Corruption on the world


The negative effects of Corruption are many which make our world’s
position worst, so let’s discuss few effects of Corruption which are making our
world to bad position.

There are many effects of Corruptions like-:
A person who is highly educated
will not get employment. If a person who is highly educated but he had to pay a
large amount of bribe for the job which he is unable to pay then because of his
inability to pay the bribe he can’t be a job holder that will resulted into the
unemployment of the Country. The same situation is for the students who want to
study further but because of Corruption and the bribe which they ask to the
student for the admission the student who is incapable to do his further

So because of illiteracy and unemployment which mostly occur
because of Corruption, our Country is unable to get develop with the speed.

      As we know that our country India is the biggest
country with the large population, so if the rate of education and employment will
increase and if very strict action takes to stop Corruption then there are lots
of scopes for the development of the Country.

If the government takes strict action against the Corrupted
people then no one can stop our country to get develop like America or U.A.E.

      But the government
alone cannot able to handle the situation, so we the people also should give
lots of support to the authorities. We should be aware of our rights and powers
which our constitution gives us. So the cooperation of people plays a vital
role with the government to stop Corruption.

Lets imagine, if the money which
is inherit by some celebrities like Ramalinga Raju and Kalmadi etc. which
amounts to be huge amount, if that money if it is use on making roads, dams, bridges,
schools in the small villages then it said to be the most biggest step to make
the Country develop.

We should take a big step to bring black money from these
people and that money should be national property and it should be utilize on
the development of the country.

But unfortunately we can’t even
trust on our political parties, even they have involved in the various controversies
of Corruptions, so they are many political leaders who them self involved in Corruption.
The money of people which is very hard earned money had become their
properties. Every political leader had corers of rupees in their accounts which
actually belong to the people.  Corruption
became so common not only in India but throughout the world. The official works
which takes very long time to complete all its formalities can be done in a
very short span of time by offering some bribe to the respective department. So
paying bribe to make the work complete in short time became a habit to the
people and because of this the Corruption became so common in the world.

People thinks paying bribe and
making our works complete in short time is a great deal, this thing are
increasing the rate of Corruption. This is one kind of encouragement to Corruption.
Corruption has become a kind of disease which did not spared to the most
biggest and developed countries also.

We the people are also responsible for the high growth of Corruption,
how means we want our works to be get complete soon this encourage the Corruption.

In these days there are some
social activists who are making some hunger strikes against Corruption. I don’t
think that it works because being hungry for so many days is not a useful
thing. What we need is we should get into action against Corruption which is
more effective than hunger strikes. And there should be strict law should be
implement and make as much as possible efforts to finish Corruption from the
world, that’s the important thing, being hungry is not an effective thing.

 We should not live all the responsibilities on
the head of government alone, we the people also get united and we should fight
against Corruption. Believe me if the Corruption finish from the world then the
poverty of the world gets end. The living standard of the people will be improves
a lot.

To make the world a poverty free
world, we have to wake up and precede our steps against Corruption because Corruption
is like a disease and day by day it making the world spoil and damage. If a
person who is unaware of the losses of Corruption then think that it’s your
responsibility to make him aware about his rights and powers as a citizen so
that he can also join the fight against Corruption.

 Its seems a very unfortunate thing that we can’t
take any legal action against a corrupt person, if we do so, like for example
if we sue him for the Corruption then he can be easily escape from the scene by
offering huge amount of bribe to the concern authority.  So by this I can say that the whole world had
been drowned into the sea of Corruption. From the peon of the offices to the
Manager of the offices are corrupted.  So
we the people of the world are only hope to finish this system of Corruption. Let’s
be practical and let’s make corrupted people get afraid of us.

Surprisingly! There are some
countries where the rate of Corruption is very low than compare to the rate of
other countries. Countries like New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, and Sweden
have less Corruption than compare to the other countries of the world. My
suggestion to decrease the rate of Corruption from the world we should take a
lesson from the countries who have least Corruption rate. One should think that
why and how these countries have less Corruption rate if we get the answer and
solution to kick the Corruption out then it’s a very good thing for us and for
the whole world. So it’s not the responsibility of only government to think
about Corruption, it’s our responsibility too. Encouraging Corruption and
finishing Corruption is in the hand of people. So still it’s not too late. Let’s
come into the action now and let’s make an end to the disease of Corruption

Corruption is like a disease
which is not letting the world to be healthy. So let’s kill that disease and
make our world strong and developed. And the most important thing is we have to
fight against Corruption in a peaceful way not in a violent way, because
protesting against Corruption in a violent way is the loss of our self, loss of
the property of the country and loss of our dignity. So we have to get victory
over Corruption by a peaceful way. 

Presently we can see in the news
and we can read in the newspaper that they are many people who are involved in
the protest against Corruption by being hungry, I don’t think it works, the
only way to reduce the Corruption rate is we should be practical and we should
take necessary action against corruption in an effective and peaceful way.  Image the world without Corruption; I don’t
think that there will be any poor left anymore the living standard of the
people will be improve a lot.

Corruption and Hikes make a
common man’s life so hard. Yes hikes in almost all commodities like petrol,
food items, and textiles also effects a lot to common man’s life. If these types
of things removed then surely the world’s financial structure will be totally
Research and surveys says that
out of 10 people 9 don’t have their own house, do you know why? Because the
money he earned will get spent on his livelihood and hardly he can save a very
little amount for his future and children. If a common man want to buy his own
house then he have to work for 20 years and save huge amount of money then by
that money he can just able to buy a little house.

The Corruption process will be a
never ending process if the people don’t take necessary action against it on
time. But on the other hand it can be avoid by the quick action by the people
of the world.

Surprisingly there is a
department to make control over corruption which is known as Anti-Corruption
bureau but unfortunately these seems to be ineffective the process of
Corruption is still on even though there is a boss to the Corrupted department.
But it helps to more extent to control the rate of corruption in the country
but not completely. It seems that the corrupted people don’t have any fear of
such anti corruption departments.  But let’s
not be hopeless to stop corruption there are some solution for this but the
thing is we should be a good finder.


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