Google Adsense Payment Procedure


                        When Will I get Google Adsense Earnings ?

There are 4 steps to get the payment 


Before 7th of every month is the date for finalizing last month Google adsense earnings. For example August 2011 adsense earnings will be finalized before 7th of Septemeber.


 Before 15th you can hold your Google adsense payments if you are not interested in withdrawing the amount. And you need to submit all tax reports and PIN or address updation etc., before 15th.  Then your payment will be processed. If you did not submit your payment method details, Tax updation and PIN your payment will be not processed.


27th of every month is the final date for issuing the cheques to the Google adsense publishers. All the Indian cheques will be issued to the office of Hyderabad –  Andhra Pradesh. On or before 27th Adsense publishers will get a reference number which we can check with the Blue Dart couriers.


The final date to get the google adsense earnings is 6th of every month. That means you will get your August earnings by the of 6th of October. Cheques will dispatched through Blue Dart couriers. If the Adsense publishers are not in the Blue Dart service area those publishers will get the cheques through the Indain speed post. 

The Google Adsense Publisehrs will recieve AT PAR checques from Citi Bank. It will take 3 to 5 days to get cleared. It depends upon the banks. SBI, ICICI, HSBC and HDFC etc., will take 3 days to clear the cheque. 

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