Do you know that the food we eat tell a lot about us?  It sounds so strange isn’t it?  Well, it’s true.  People are not aware of the effect it exerts on our behavior; it is surprising.  More and more, the scientist communities are convinced that there is a direct relationship between food and our behavior.  Even the food activities – the processed foods – are causing hyperactivity and attention disorders among the children; headaches and bloating of stomaches among the grownups. Now, let us get back to the food categories

There are three major classification of food:  Satvik food, Rajasik food, and Tamasik food.  Some of us crave for Satvik foods; some for Rajasik foods, and the others Tamasik foods.

Satvik Foods:  These are simple and easily digestible foods.  They are milk, ghee, butter, fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals, seeds, etc. And, vegetables like onion, garlic, red chilies and black pepper and such other pungent and astringent spices are totally avoided. .People who consume these foods are always cheerful, alert – mentally and physically.  They are usually spiritual and have clean habits, i.e., they stay away from alcohol, smoking, and other vices.  People who consume satvik foods live longer.

Rajasik Foods: These foods are fish, meat (mutton, beef, pork, and other animals that have hoofs), chicken, hot spices, onion and garlic. They are heavy to digest. People who consume these foods are usually politicians, lawyers, army men and women, sportsmen and women. They love the taste of spicy and pungent foods in general. These people are very carnal and sensuous. They are usually aggressive in their approach to life. They love pleasures of the body; they are
dominant and power-hungry. Usually, rajasik food eater will not live long.

Tamasik Foods:  These foods are basically worthless for consumption; they are unnatural, uncooked, and processed.  Usually, they are softdrinks, sweets, pickles, foods made from wheat flour (not whole wheat and are usually empty calories).  Along with those, they eat meat, chicken, fish and other spicy foods.  The people who consume such foods are usually self-centered, lazy, and selfish.  They are usually physically inactive and suffer from many diseases, and their
life span is short.

A Greek philosopher said, “Man doesn’t die, he commits suicide with his spoon”.  God has given us knowledge and wisdom to analyze what is good and bad for health.  In spite of this, man destroys himself by eating unhealthy and unwanted foods and lives a life of misery, suffering from various ailments.  So we have a choice.  The choices are before us and it is up to us to decide how we are going to eat and stay healthy.  Men and Women can live long, over 100 years, if we take care of our body, mind, and soul.


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