Advantages of Being Hairy


Are you hairy? I mean – do you have hairy chest and legs?  If you do, then the bugs won’t get you.  Keep it that way; don’t shave the hair. 


— The hair in our nose, eye-lids, and ears are there to protect us from foreign matters from entering them.

— The hair that lines our eyes controls the amount of light – sunlight, and other man-made lights – from entering it. 

— The thin, fine hair in our body keeps us cool by trapping air in them. 

— It keeps our skin in the underarm and other folded areas from developing friction. 

Another important purpose of hair is this:  A recent study by entomologists (people who are specialized in the study of insects) found that having hairy legs or body keeps the bugs away.  In other words, your hair repels those insects from attacking and harming you.  

Tiny bugs and other microscopic insects are found everywhere, especially in the mattresses we sleep on.  They are usually called bed bugs.  These bugs, numbering in their thousands, are deeply embedded in the crevasses and grooves within the bed.  Most of these bugs are harmless but some are harmful and can cause rashes and other skin conditions.  These creepy-crawly bugs feed on our exfoliating skins and survive.   They usually crawl stealthily to feed on us, but if we are hairy their efforts will fail.  The hair in our legs, chest, and hands act as defense mechanism; they repel the invading bugs by warning them of an impending danger to them, so they retreat back to their hiding place.  

On the other hand, having excessively thick hair is a disadvantage to us.  A thick hair is just the right place for the bugs; it creates a warm resting place for the bugs.  They can lay their eggs in a matted hair and cause skin problem.  So, if the hair on your chest, legs, and hands are too thick keep it trimmed. 

In this short article, we have covered the many roles the hair in our body plays.  Aren’t we wonderfully created by God?


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