Adaptability Skills


Today the world is changing at a fast phase.  In this networked and globalized world, projects, tasks and jobs are becoming more and more complicated.   New scientific and technological break through and innovations are changing the way we work, and live.   If you are flexible enough to change as per the changing situations, you can adapt yourself easily to the new changes.   That increases your chances of growth and success.   People who are flexible and adaptable usually have less stress while performing. They are generally not afraid of the future changes and threats.  They possess resilience. They can get used to any work situation and adapt themselves. 

Darwin, the father of evolution, said that only those species and plants, which successfully adapt themselves to the changes, would survive.   The some theory applies to the human beings.  Hence, adaptability and flexibility are the fundamental skills that today’s workforce must possess in order to be successful in the long-run.   If you are inflexible, you hit the dead-end.  If you are flexible and adaptable, the road is unending. 


TIP-1:  Be aware of the environment around you.  Observe the changes.  If possible, spot then ahead of time.   Be flexible and learn from everyone and every source.   Become a quick – change artist and adapt yourself to the new requirements, demands, expectations and realities. 

TIP-2:  You need to be able to handle responsibilities, which may not be of any interest to you.  You may need to handle additional responsibilities.  You may have your own favorite tasks and responsibilities that you prefer working on but your boss or the customers do not care about them.  What matters to your employers or customer is whether or not you are flexible enough to learn to adapt yourself.  You are required to work on whatever that is being offered and work your way through to reach your goals by being adaptable and flexible.

TIP-3:  Technology is changing so fast that you don’t have enough time to keep pace with it.   But you can’t keep quiet.  You need to adapt yourself to the new technology.   If you are afraid or unwilling to adapt yourself, you will become outdated and obsolete. 

TIP-4:  You should be willing to change projects and places and work with new people, or in a new environment, even within a short-notice.   In certain professions, things move fast that there won’t be much time left to think about it.  Decisions need to be taken on short-notices.  Hence, face the 21st century reality.

TIP-5:  Handle multitasking.  You should be able handle multiple assignments at the same time and effectively.

TIP-6:  Be a flexible team player. When you work with people, you invariably come across people with many types of attitudes and behaviors.  There will be people with different mentalities, which you may not like or find compatible. You need to be flexible enough to adapt yourself to such people. 

TIP-7:  Adapt quickly in today’s fast-paced world.  Flexible people adapt quickly; they do not set upset or lament every time a policy or procedure is changed.  They adjust their work style quickly to get along with different types of people, teams, or procedures.


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