ON THE DAY OF INDEPENDENCE
15th, 2011
India celebrates her 64th Independence Day.  It is a great day of celebration for all the
Indians living at home and abroad.  
People from all walks of life get together in hoisting the Indian
national flag in their schools, colleges, Universities, and at different place
of work.  Everyone with great unity
pledge their unyielding support and patriotism to their homeland.  
New Delhi, where the main event takes place with much fanfare, is
a sight to behold.  The Prime Minister of
India, along with his cabinet members, opposition leaders, chiefs-of-staff,
world leaders, diplomats, and other prominent citizens, hoists the national
flag at Red Fort and delivers speech to all the citizens of India.  People in rapt
attention listen to their Prime Minister and applaud the various achievements
of India over the years. 
It is in this solemn speech to the nation, the Prime Minister outlines
the future plans for India.  After that,
the leader of the nation pays respects to the martyrs who laid their lives for
freedom, especially to Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation.
day is filled with cultural programs, plays enacting freedom struggle, speeches
in honor of the fallen leaders, and children, young people and senior citizens
alike, sing songs of praise and honor to India. The day ends with a big bam bam!
live India


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