If you want to do Online Jobs Without Investment my suggestion is very easy job is Captcha work, your job is to retype the picture content into the input field again and again. Pay  will be $ .80 for per 1000 correct entries. You need good typing speed to earn more money in short time because if you retype more pictures you will earn more money. You can work as a part time or full time worker. 


1. Zero Investment.
2. Ontime Payment.
3. Qualification not required.
4. Age no bar.
5. Any one can do.

1. Willing to work in nights.
2. Hard working nature.
3. Personal computer with Internet.
4. Good typing speed.

Registration is closed. Will be opened again in a week or two.

                                            Sample Work


  1. if you type 50 words per minute, which lets say you are fast and do 50 correct entries per minute, it comes out to about $2.40 per hour.

  2. Do not use softwares for captcha entry in pixprofit. Most of the times pixprofit is not paying money for solved by softwares. Always better to do a genuine way that is manual entry. Do not believe in the people who is selling pixprofit software. They are cheating pixprofit means can't they cheat you ? Try to Be genuine.


  3. Sir, Please send me the details about this job. I am enough with all the scams that i have been through. I am really tired of all that.
    I have plenty of time and do have what it takes.

  4. i fill form and send this email adress 13 hours ago.when will i receive any email or reponse.please tell me soon about conformation of data entry job.


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