Main Suggestions:

1. Do not believe in the companies who is asking registration fee. They will say smartly: “If they did not take the registration fee you will not show interest in this jobs”.  My foot. It’s my wish weather I have to earn or not???

2. Pay through PayPal. You can avoid few scams through Pay Pal. They will try to solve your problem if you get cheated.

3. As per my view If a website doesn’t  have ads in their websites. Those companies are best place for genuine online jobs.

I am trying to add few more suggestions on online jobs visit this place in future.


  1. No.You Can't. i am working on mturk from last 3 years. For Indians their is only one payment method and that is BY CHEQUE. You can't transfer those earnings to PAYPAL or Any other account. To Withdraw cheque you should submit your passport/Pancard as a verification. Once they approves your identity you can withdraw your money in Indian rupees.


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