Now a days ad-posting become very famous for the online jobs. I have an experience with one of the ad-posting company called ‘star net technologies’. The company is asking registration fee for posting ads. I paid 800/- towards the registration fee. I thought that the company might be a hub for the ad posting for the reputed companies. But the thing is we have to post the ads for online star-net technologies. If they really need my work why they are asking registration fee??? That means they collects the fee from many people and one fine day they disappears. These are all the things to bluff the job seekers. Rs. 800/- is doesn’t matter. It is very hard to digest the cheating.


Paid To Click is very Lowest grade job.
If they give ads whole day??? Imagine what will be your earnings????? 
Each click they pays you $0.001(i.e. 4 paise in Indian currency). 
You have to stay on each site for 15 to 30 seconds.
As per minute you will click 4 ads.  Per minute you earns 16 Paise, per hour Rs. 9.60.
Per 8 hours duty you will get 76.50 and per month 2200/-.
Net Bill: 1000/- Current Bill: 500/-. Sistem Rent ; 1000/-

Total Loss per Month: 300/- along with your time. 

If they give daily 10 to 15 ads think how much will you earn??? That’s all.


  1. ur discription is good,thanks for taking ur timing to help others please have a Fb share button & let many others know about these scams


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